Advice From Suzanne Somers That Can Help Menopausal Women

Advice For Menopausal Women

An easier journey through menopause?

I have just read an excerpt from Suzanne Somer’s new book, Bombshell. This book is about secrets that will help you to defy ageing. I think that it also contains advice that will be useful to any menopausal woman. It can help to make your journey through menopause easier.

Some women may not care for Suzanne Somers. I can understand that. If you are one of them, please do not allow that to prevent you from receiving advice that can help you.

Read on, to learn about advice from Suzanne Somers that can help menopausal women.

I do not necessarily subscribe to everything that she says, but there is one point in particular that resonates with me. It can be a big help to menopausal women.

Here is an excerpt from her book that appears in a book review on the MSNBC website.

Advice From Suzanne Somers That Can Help Menopausal Women

All my life, my success has come from visualizing an achievement, whatever it might be—really seeing it before me—and then doing the work to get there.

I have visualized my end point already: I am going to live a very long time, I will be in great health, I will be thinking clearly, I will be happy, I will have abundant love in my life, and I will be sexual. I will have energy. I will have strong bones and a good working brain, and I will be a productive member of society. I will be wise, I will have great perspective, and I will be sought after as the matriarch for ad- vice. I will be satisfied with who I am.

No wonder aging is a thrilling experience for me. It has taken on the vibe of a great adventure.

Every choice you make on a daily basis brings you closer to or further away from that picture you have of your end point. Are you vibrant? Are you healthy, energetic, and happy? Do you eat right, exercise, sleep well, and manage your stress? Every time you make a positive choice you move yourself toward your projected goal. Every bad choice leads you in the other direction.

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How you think can affect how you feel, as you go through menopause.

Just recently there was a study done about the affect of exercise on hot flashes. The researchers reported that women who believed that exercise would help to reduce their hot flashes, experienced significantly fewer hot flashes, than women who did not hold that view.

I have read quite a bit about the impact of positive visualization on various health conditions. I believe that there is merit in it.

I do not see how you can lose by visualizing a reduction in your menopause symptoms and an easy passage for you, on the rest of your journey through menopause. Then do as Suzanne Somers suggests. Make daily choices that move you closer to your visualization.

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