Boosting Your Metabolism

One of the key areas in attaining successful loss in weight is in boosting your metabolism. The reason for this will become evident as this process is explained in more depth in the body of this article, but suffice it to say that when you burn more calories than you consume, you must lose weight.

This is a medical fact and there can be no getting away from the logic no matter what your age, state of health of if you are experiencing the menopause. There are no excuses that can get you around this fundamental physical fact.

In fact all weight loss plans, programs and systems are actually based around this one, incontrovertible fact:

"You must consume fewer calories than your body can burn in order to reduce body mass."

Calories In and Calories Out

boost metabolismYou may have heard the expression "calories in and calories out" when people talk about losing weight and it is based around a natural law of physics that states you cannot create something out of nothing. In other words, you cannot burn more calories than you consume and gain weight, because there is nothing with which the body can use to create the extra mass.

All mass in the body is created from the food that you put into it, or more particularly, the bulking constituents and sugars that make up the food (and drinks) that you consume. As weight loss tips go, this is one of those areas that really does help you understand the mechanics of how your body can gain or lose those extra pounds.

By boosting your metabolism, you speed up the digestive and metabolic process whereby the body converts what you eat and drink into burnable energy or fuel and gets rid of what it cannot use. When you make your body do work in the form of exercise or manual labor, you force it to burn more of the fuel that you put into it.

Lacking Exercise Means Storing More Fat

Conversely, when you do little or no exercise or manual work, your body doesn't burn all the fuel you put in, but stores the excess for later use in fat cells.

The general idea is to make sure that your body is not storing away any excess fuel as fat. You do this by exercising regularly and often in such a way that the body burns all the fuel that it gets through what you consume through what should be a healthy diet.

So in order to lose weight, you must actually force your body to not only burn all the fuel that it is currently getting through what you are consuming, but to also take more fuel from its store of fat. You do this by exercising more.

What to Consume?

You can also consume certain foods and take certain supplements which will assist in the boosting of your metabolism and these fall into general categories. They are:

The first three you get through your diet and the latter, you can buy as supplements in health food stores. These are explained in our article on health supplements. Drinking plenty of plain water each day also helps you to digest food more effectively and helps increase the metabolic rate.

Either way, as far as advice goes in helping you to reduce your body weight by whatever means is available to you, can only be a good thing.