What Can I Do To Stop Sugar Cravings?

Menopause Symptoms

Can my sugar cravings be the cause of this?

Sugar cravings can be a major issue for many menopausal women, because it can lead to a worsening of a variety of menopause symptoms.

Initially, it can increase the frequency and the severity of some menopause symptoms. Ultimately it can result in a substantial menopause weight gain, which is often accompanied by low self esteem, mood swings and depression.

This is why a menopausal woman should ask questions about what she can do to stop sugar cravings.

If you suffer from fatigue, lethargy, moodiness, irritability, light headed, shakiness, headaches, migraine, hunger pangs, increased appetite, binging and a low level of depression, it is most likely due to irregular blood sugar and/or low blood sugar.

These two blood sugar conditions increase your sugar cravings, which will heighten your desire for sweets and carbohydrates and worsen your menopause symptoms. You will be particularly prone to weight gain.

Deborah Graefer, in her article “HELP WITH SUGAR CRAVINGS WHY DO I CRAVE SUGAR?”, shed some light on the sugar craving issue.

What Can I Do To Stop Sugar Cravings?

Here is an excerpt from that article

Sugar cravings are a real problem for many of us. They can cause much frustration as well as feelings of low self-worth as we give in to those cravings.

One of the reasons we crave sugar (or caffeine) is because of low adrenal function…
Add to them the requirement of now manufacturing estrogen and progesterone and you can see that this gland could very well get into trouble.

What happens?

  • Lack of energy most definitely
  • Fatigue
  • Need to take afternoon naps
  • Cravings for sugar or caffeine to force the adrenals to give the energy that is lacking
  • Menopausal symptoms can also kick in if the adrenals are not up to par

the complete story

I do agree with Deborah Graefer on one strategy she suggests to control sugar cravings.
Menopause women should increase their intake of adrenal supplements, which helps the body to combat stress and reduces body cortisol levels. This will help to prevent menopause weight gain and reduce other menopause symptoms.

I disagree with her recommendation to use the Glysen supplement because it can potentially induce side effects, including light headiness, dizziness and hunger.

When menopausal women ask me what they can do to stop sugar cravings, I suggest the following

  1. Reduction and/or elimination of any sweets or refined carbohydrates
  2. Increase protein intake
  3. Increase natural sugar intake (fruits and vegetables)
  4. Stress reduction via exercise, yoga and meditation

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