Muscle loss

What is muscle loss?

Muscle loss, known medically as muscle atrophy, occurs when the size and strength of muscles decrease due to aging, illness, or lack of physical activity. This leads to reduced muscle function, which impacts day-to-day activities and quality of life.

Causes of muscle loss

"I struggled with muscle loss after knee surgery for months. Simple things like walking my dog or working in the yard became difficult due to lost muscle mass. After starting care at Hormone Harmony, I regained strength through strategic exercise, nutrition planning, and hormone replacement therapy tailored to my needs."

Muscle loss signs and symptoms

Strategies to combat muscle loss

"The muscle loss reversal program at Hormone Harmony utilizes personalized fitness and nutrition planning combined with optimal hormone balance to help patients regain strength, independence, and quality of life."

Maintaining muscle mass is crucial for health and functioning as we age. Work with your healthcare provider to measure muscle mass and develop a treatment approach involving exercise, nutrition, and if appropriate, hormone replacement tailored to your unique needs. The hormone optimization experts at Hormone Harmony offer safe, effective muscle loss treatment customized just for you!

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