Sleep hygiene

What is sleep hygiene?

Sleep hygiene refers to the habits and practices that support healthy, sufficient sleep. Good sleep hygiene establishes a relaxing pre-bedtime routine and optimizes the sleep environment for restful slumber.

Getting adequate, high-quality sleep is crucial for both physical and mental health. Poor sleep hygiene disrupts the body's circadian rhythms and can contribute to problems like insomnia, fatigue, and impaired concentration. Developing healthy sleep habits allows the body to fully recharge at night.

Some key aspects of sleep hygiene include:

If you consistently feel tired during the day or have difficulty falling or staying asleep at night, poor sleep hygiene may be to blame. Resetting your sleep habits takes some dedication but pays major dividends in improved rest, next-day performance and long-term health.

The sleep medicine experts at Hormone Harmony can also help diagnose and resolve many common sleep disorders. We offer comprehensive sleep assessments as well as tailored treatment plans combining lifestyle changes, light therapy, nutrition optimization and hormone balancing. Contact us today to discuss your sleep health goals!

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