What is testosterone?

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone responsible for the development of male characteristics. This vital hormone plays a crucial role in men's overall health and wellbeing.

Some key facts about testosterone:

Why testosterone matters

Healthy testosterone levels also:

Conversely, low testosterone can negatively impact men's health leading to low energy, depression, loss of strength, reduced endurance, and erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone levels can be optimized through lifestyle measures like strength training, proper nutrition, stress management, and adequate sleep. Some men may benefit from doctor-prescribed testosterone therapy or natural supplements like Hormone Harmony to alleviate troublesome low T symptoms. Our hormone optimization programs tailor treatment plans to restore healthy hormonal balance unique to each patient's physiology.

Diagnosing low testosterone

If struggling with bothersome symptoms like fatigue, low libido, and reduced athletic performance, get lab testing done through Hormone Harmony or your personal physician. A simple blood test can determine if your testosterone falls below optimal ranges.

In otherwise healthy men, testosterone levels normally range from 300 to 1,000 ng/dL with optimal levels between 500 to 800 ng/dL.

If lab testing confirms a testosterone deficiency, Hormone Harmony' physicians will conduct a thorough patient evaluation to pinpoint the root cause and customize an effective treatment regimen to resolve hormone imbalance and low T troubles.

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Restoring healthy testosterone

Alongside medical intervention, patients should adopt healthy lifestyle habits like strength training, reducing stress, limiting alcohol, achieving a healthy weight to help sustain optimal testosterone.

If struggling with symptoms of low T, consult the hormone optimization experts at Hormone Harmony to discover options to resolve hormone deficiencies through precision testing and proven medical protocols tailored to your unique physiology. Our award-winning physicians have successfully treated tens of thousands of patients over two decades. Request a consultation today to take control over lackluster energy, sexual health, athleticism, and start feeling your best.

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