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Can The “Menopause Map” Help You To Reduce Your Menopause Symptoms?

Menopause Symptoms

What can I do about what is happening to me?

The journey through menopause certainly has its challenges. You have to deal with new and difficult physical and emotional reactions that arise because of hormonal changes in your body. When you look for advice about how to best deal with these menopause symptoms, the advice may seem to be conflicting. Women are often unable to get definitive answers to their questions.

A new, interactive Internet tool has been developed to help women cope with their menopause symptoms. It is called the “Menopause Map”. Can the “Menopause Map” help you to reduce your menopause symptoms?

The “Menopause Map” was launched recently by the Endocrine Society, an international medical organization dedicated to research on hormones. It is an online interactive tool that guides a woman through the different options available to get relief from her symptoms, through a series of questions about those symptoms and her personal health history.

The tool suggests hormonal or non hormonal options, based on individual symptoms and medical history of the woman. The woman is advised to discuss the options with her own physician.

Dr. Cynthia Stuenkel, an endocrinologist and a founding member of the North American Menopause Society, says a recent poll found that many women weren’t getting any therapy or talking to their doctors about their menopause symptoms.

She said “There [has been] so much confusion in the last 10 years about the right thing to do that some folks may have just tuned out the discussion. Women deserve some clear answers and helpful tools to engage their doctors in meaningful conversations about the multiple choices available to improve their menopausal symptoms.”

Can The “Menopause Map” Help You To Reduce Your Menopause Symptoms?

Rachel Zimmerman is a journalist who writes for the Common Health blog. Here is what she has to say about the “Menopause Map”

If you’re female and middle-aged, there are certain things you know: hormones for menopause used to be good, then they were bad, now they’re, well, better, but not great, depending on your health profile.

Isn’t menopause challenging enough without such conflicting, confusing information swirling around?

The folks behind a new, interactive tool called the “Menopause Map” hope to add clarity — particularly on the issue of hormone therapy — to our murky, post-fertile existence.

By answering personal questions related to menopause, you take a “journey” through the Map’s menu options and wind up with some tailored answers. (For instance, when I answered “No” to the question of whether I was considering hormone therapy, I got sent to a page with the heading: “If I Decide on Non-Hormonal Options, What Are My Choices?” where I could search “proven therapies,” “unproven therapies” and “lifestyle changes.”) Users are then advised to print out their answers and take them along to the doctor.

The complete article

Here is what Dr Joe has to say about the Menopause Map

I think that the release of the “Menopause Map” is a landmark development that will help menopausal women achieve an easier passage through menopause.

What I really like about it, is that it will provide you with unbiased personalized guidance in connection with options that will alleviate your menopause symptoms…..guidance that is based on your personal circumstances and history. There is no “one size fits all” solution.

HRT will be recommended only if it will be best for you. Non HRT options will be recommended if that is best for you.

Can the “Menopause Map” help you to reduce your menopause symptoms? Yes, without a doubt!

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